New Directions

Be the best you can be
My blog has taken a backseat this year.
Following the Sui Generis exhibition( Plas Bodfa Anglesey) in 2019, my work started to move in a different direction. Print making remains important but I wanted to experiment with different approaches. It seemed a perfect time to reflect on my practice and so I started an MA in September 2019.
In January 2020 I was selected for the second Plas Bodfa event which proved a timely opportunity to develop a new installation I had been researching.
My ‘Never Doubt Chapel’ was to be an exciting realisation of a concept that combined different art forms , to coin my new favourite word it was to be a Gesamtkunstwerk piece.
To complement the installation I arranged a number of events involving groups and individuals including, poets, solo singers, choirs, conversationalists and a dancer. Through their contributions they were to focus on positivity and create a community within a space imagined as a secular chapel.
Covid put pay to the physical exhibition but the curator and initiator, Julie Upmeyer, has managed to keep the work alive through a series of on line events. She has also launched a site for Artist’s Multiples, and in the spirit of democratic art you can see and purchase some my affordable prints there.